Vlogging in knit Cafe: #taskuneuloosi 2016

Yesterday I attended my second #taskuneuloosi event inKnit Cafe – Lentävä Lapanen (Eng. Flying mittens) Järvenpää, Finland. Last year we talked about blogging, this time the topic was vlogging.

I didn’t remember to take more photos this time, maybe I was too concentrating listening to the experience sharing of two speakers::Pauliina Mäkelä from Kinda Oy and Marja Nousiainen from Viestintä Oy Tulevaisuus.

During the gathering we tried out together the Periscope and Snapchat, both have gained popularity in Finland.

Here are some of my own reflection after the session:


Periscope, Snapchat, or Youtube?

For me Youtube is a convenient channel where I can store my video clips for free and for long, I even used Youtube to publish the audio file of my radio interviews by adding some photos by myself.

However, as Pauliina mentioned, it always takes time to edit the video, upload it, wait until it’s complete etc. Sometimes it feels a bit “slow”, at least it is not something I would use if I want to share things LIVE, immediately.

A couple of months ago I started to try Periscope. I broadcasted LIVE for a couple of time during our “family little trip” in the Finnish forest. I enjoyed the interactions during the LIVE session: viewers can commend LIVE, I can also respond immediately, at the same time receiving many lovely hearts straight from them has always been wonderful experience.

As for Snapchat, unfortunately I have not yet been able to try it as it doesn’t support the windows system of my Nokia Lumia phone, nor can I use it with my iPad like how I do with Periscope. But anyway, one doesn’t need to use all the applications, only need to find ones that suit us, right?! ;-)

What apps/channels to use? An ongoing process of choosing

We also discussed about what applications/channels to use.

There is probably no correct answer that suits everyone. It always depends, depending on where our audience are, what suits our purpose more, even depending on what kinds of mobile phones we have (like in my case, Nokia Lumia clearly presents many limits.)

I agree with Pauliina that this is an ongoing process of choosing, as always with social media. Applications keep evolving, social media platforms keep coming and going, so as our own life, content we want to produce, habits of using them, even followers. Everything in life is in constant changing in a way that it’s never going to be completely the same.

So what we can do is just to try out what interest us, make a choice, then continue this process at the same time enjoying it as a way of learning, a way of life.

How about my own choice?

For me, most of my readers are following me on my Facebook author’s page – shaninordic. (It means: Shan in Nordic)

The ideal situation would be to use Facebook Mentions (LIVE video) to interact with them, unfortunately I do not have that “verified” status to enable the app. So the options left for now is to use either Youtube or Periscope, and I use them in different ways.

I use Periscope as a practice of making LIVE video. I like this app, but it is not especially popular in Taiwan, very seldom do my readers use them directly.

In order to show it to my readers on Facebook, I had to “go around the way” to use an internet page called IFTTT on which I made a simple programming statement such as ” IF-Then “. For example: “IF I broadcast on Periscope, THEN a link will be posted on my Facebook page LIVE”.  I also downloaded the broadcasting to my ipad(computer) so I could use those clips later to make videos if I want.

As for Youtube, despite of its slightly “complicated” process to produce/upload video without “simple” LIVE options, I still think that it’s a good channel to present all my video posts for a long term. It is also relatively easy to just share the Youtube video link on my Facebook, or to use it directly in my blog. A platform that serves many purposes, so to say.

Of course, it is always possible to make a video and upload directly to Facebook wall, which usually gains more viewers according to Facebook’s own setting. However I seldom do it, because: 1) it doesn’t give people a complete picture of what I broadcast 2) In my own previous experience Facebook video quality was a bit worse than Youtube (don’t know how it is now), but at least not as versatile in functions.

However, who knows? maybe this will soon change, then it would be again time to make choice.:)

IMG_8463(party ended)

All in all, it was a really nice #taskuneuloosi afternoon. It’s always nice to get together in such a cosy setting and hear how other people have been using the similar applications and social media platforms. Hope this traditions continue, both offline and online. :)

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