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【Taitoshop】new textile design from old tradition / 來自古早芬蘭學校教學板的美麗設計

Love this idea! Old tradition of educational illustration in Finnish schools become modern textile products! I just got to know that the educational illustration board were very common in Finland from the end of 19th century. Many well-known Finnish illustrators and artists have been drawing/illustrating for educational boards. For me it is amazing to imagine […]

Vlogging in knit Cafe: #taskuneuloosi 2016

Yesterday I attended my second #taskuneuloosi event inKnit Cafe – Lentävä Lapanen (Eng. Flying mittens) Järvenpää, Finland. Last year we talked about blogging, this time the topic was vlogging. I didn’t remember to take more photos this time, maybe I was too concentrating listening to the experience sharing of two speakers::Pauliina Mäkelä from Kinda Oy and Marja Nousiainen from Viestintä […]

Restaurant Juurella – when design meets local food

Note: This post has been posted in Chinese too. Two weeks ago we went to Restaurant Juurella to celebrate my birthday. The restaurant is not in the capital area of Finland, instead, it is 300km away from the capital Helsinki. However we decided to come here for several reasons: firstly, we happened to be in […]

Knitting + social media =#Taskuneuloosi (pocket knitting)

Note: this post has been published in Chinese too (本文中文請按連結) Two weeks ago I attended a special event called #Taskuneuloosi in Finnish, roughly translated as “pocket knitting”. “Pocket” means that you can take it with you anywhere, while “neuloosi” is a new Finnish word which in my understanding, indicates being in a “flow, happy, enjoyable, even […]

Carrots-Gooseberry jam – 芬蘭紅蘿蔔鵝莓果醬

Carrots-Gooseberry jam, made in Finnish farm. 紅蘿蔔鵝莓果醬,來自芬蘭紅蘿蔔農場。 夏天時在市集看到,忍不住買一罐回來品嘗,非常地天然又好吃,我喜歡這樣的果醬,天然的味道,不會太甜,也沒有加一堆奇怪的香精,這就芬蘭在地的味道,簡單純粹的紅蘿蔔和鵝莓味! 農場的主人甚至說,有中國人在向她打聽,想把果醬大批賣到中國去呢! 大家會對這果醬有興趣嗎?

Fiskars – Herb garden 冬日藥草花園燈

Lately I kept running into products that give light for plants and herbs during Finnish autumn and winter. I guess this is something people really need, at least Ii do! Here is one of them: Fiskars Herb Garden. 芬蘭正式進入十一月的黑暗季,久久不見日光也是常事,難怪現在市面上好多這樣的產品,因為真的很需要啊! 下圖是Iittala出的Herb Garden。 Fiskars365, Fiskars Herb Garden. This is really needed for Finnish winter. Herbs need light, […]

Local handcraft – birch bark basket

In another post I introduced the lovely modern birch bark basket designed by VersoDesign for Iittala. Here are birch bark baskets from local handcraft market. Both are beautiful, which style you like more? 之前介紹過VersoDesign為Iittala設計的芬蘭現代白樺樹皮籃,這裡來看看地方手工市集裡的版本。同樣加入手工巧思,味道卻完全不同,一個簡潔現代,一個強調傳統手作風情,你喜歡哪一種? Baskets designed and made by Finnish local craftwoman. Design from Finland(@shaninordic)張貼的相片 on 10月 10, 2014 at 4:09上午 PDT

Versodesign for Iittala – modern birch bark basket 現代白樺樹皮籃

One of my favorite product from VersoDesign. This basket was a co-operation result with Iittala. Other than this they also have a whole new product line coming out this autumn which combines the felt and Finnish traditional birch bark basket in a modern way, including bread basket, herb basket, mushroom basket (my favorite!)… etc. 幾週前在Iittala […]

Moomin enamel mug by Muurla 姆米小朋友琺瑯杯

Moomin enamel mug, by Muurla. You can find it easily from many supermarket. Lovely gift for kids. 這幾天好像不小心po的照片全都與姆米相關,嗯,我真的不是故意的,大概因為最近服裝品牌在主打姆米系列,超市裡的姆米琺瑯杯也正好在折扣,因緣巧合下姆米就一直出現… 這琺瑯杯,真的很適合買給小朋友當禮物,芬蘭很多超市都找得到,算是平價好用的日常生活設計喔! 載入中 Moomin enamel mug, by Muurla. You can find it easily from many supermarket. Lovely gift for kids. #design #Finland #moomin #muurla 在 Instagram 上查看