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Knitting + social media =#Taskuneuloosi (pocket knitting)

Note: this post has been published in Chinese too (本文中文請按連結) Two weeks ago I attended a special event called #Taskuneuloosi in Finnish, roughly translated as “pocket knitting”. “Pocket” means that you can take it with you anywhere, while “neuloosi” is a new Finnish word which in my understanding, indicates being in a “flow, happy, enjoyable, even […]

Carrots-Gooseberry jam – 芬蘭紅蘿蔔鵝莓果醬

Carrots-Gooseberry jam, made in Finnish farm. 紅蘿蔔鵝莓果醬,來自芬蘭紅蘿蔔農場。 夏天時在市集看到,忍不住買一罐回來品嘗,非常地天然又好吃,我喜歡這樣的果醬,天然的味道,不會太甜,也沒有加一堆奇怪的香精,這就芬蘭在地的味道,簡單純粹的紅蘿蔔和鵝莓味! 農場的主人甚至說,有中國人在向她打聽,想把果醬大批賣到中國去呢! 大家會對這果醬有興趣嗎?