I made videos of our exploring trip in the Finnish nature and forest, as well as creative events, design, places in Finland.

Here are some clips from my Youtube channels: Finnish nature, creativity, life.

1 Seinäjoki city library Apila (3.2016)

2 Day trip in Tampere (5.2016)

3 Treasure hunt: Finnish wild nettles (5.2016)

4 Tuusula lake, Järvenpää Finland (2.2016)

5 Finnish elementary school yard, Saunakallio school Järvenpää (20.10.2015)

6 Vanhankylänniemi, Järvenpää (9.2015)

7 Keski-Uudenmaan Naistenpankki, korkkarijuoksut (2015)

8 Alppiruusupuisto, Helsinki (2015)

9 Easter treasure hunt for children, Järvenpään taidemuseo (2015)

10 Walking in the forests, early spring, Lemmenlaakso Järvenpää (4.2015)

11 My new book video, made by myself (2.2015)

12 Skiing on the Tuusula lake (2016)

13 Finnish Easter wandering witch (4.2016)

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A Taiwanese writer exploring everything about Finland