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Fiskars – Herb garden 冬日藥草花園燈

Lately I kept running into products that give light for plants and herbs during Finnish autumn and winter. I guess this is something people really need, at least Ii do! Here is one of them: Fiskars Herb Garden. 芬蘭正式進入十一月的黑暗季,久久不見日光也是常事,難怪現在市面上好多這樣的產品,因為真的很需要啊! 下圖是Iittala出的Herb Garden。 Fiskars365, Fiskars Herb Garden. This is really needed for Finnish winter. Herbs need light, […]

Local handcraft – birch bark basket

In another post I introduced the lovely modern birch bark basket designed by VersoDesign for Iittala. Here are birch bark baskets from local handcraft market. Both are beautiful, which style you like more? 之前介紹過VersoDesign為Iittala設計的芬蘭現代白樺樹皮籃,這裡來看看地方手工市集裡的版本。同樣加入手工巧思,味道卻完全不同,一個簡潔現代,一個強調傳統手作風情,你喜歡哪一種? Baskets designed and made by Finnish local craftwoman. Design from Finland(@shaninordic)張貼的相片 on 10月 10, 2014 at 4:09上午 PDT

Versodesign for Iittala – modern birch bark basket 現代白樺樹皮籃

One of my favorite product from VersoDesign. This basket was a co-operation result with Iittala. Other than this they also have a whole new product line coming out this autumn which combines the felt and Finnish traditional birch bark basket in a modern way, including bread basket, herb basket, mushroom basket (my favorite!)… etc. 幾週前在Iittala […]