Now Here Finland – a design exhibition in Seinäjoki 2010


NowHere Finland – a national exhibition was held in Taidehalli, Seinäjoki between 16.1. – 14.2.2010, organised by Pohjanmaan taidetoimikunta.

The exhibition’s purpose is to give designers outside of the capital area opportunities to showcase their designs and network with each other. Therefore, the co-operation partners include many provincial’s art committees, whose main responsibilities are to inform designers in their local areas of the event and to promote networking as well as to enhance public’s understanding on design.

The name of exhibition was interesting. Last year when I got to know about the exhibition, I thought it to be “NoWhere Finland”, a small city in the middle of nowhere? of NowHere Finland, happening right here! Well, it is of course the latter one.

Among 400 applications from all over Finland, 43 works are chosen and exhibited.

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